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PE Engineering Sales focuses on two major areas for industrial applications: Ergonomics and Automation as applied to Material Handling. We feel that by having a narrow focus, we can provide expertise and value to our clients.

Why Ergonomics and Automation? Most Material Handling issues can be resolved by understanding where automated systems make sense, and how applied ergonomics can improve productivity and operator safety. Simply put, if the Material Handling operation should not be automated, one should improve the ergonomic situation to provide optimal productivity and safety.

Material Handling Systems can be daunting. PE Engineering Sales provides not only expertise in applying solutions, but also has partnerships with systems integrators for automated conveyors, high speed sorters, robotic palletizers, robotic depalletizers, and packaging systems. In addition, we have partnerships with manufacturers of material handling equipment including lift tables, conveyor, scissor lifts, balancers, manipulators, order picking carts, push carts, spiral conveyor, and ergonomic equipment.

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Integrated Systems

Automated Material Handling Systems are designed to reduce labor, decrease product damage, increase throughput, and deliver goods to the consumer in minimal time. High speed automated sortation, conveyor systems, spiral conveyors, lifts, picking systems, robots, palletizers, and other equipment are used in conjunction with WCS and other technologies to improve efficiencies in bringing goods to market.

Ergonomic Solutions

What is Ergonomics?
Ergonomics has to do with the interaction of human beings with their working environment. Applied Ergonomics in general is correctly applying equipment and devices to improve the interaction of humans and their environment. Ergonomic Equipment includes scissor lifts, Lift Assists / Manipulators, lift assists, floor mats, seating and chairs, workstations, work platforms, carts, dollies, platform trucks, and other equipment that makes moving materials less strenuous.

Conveyor Components

Our Manufacturing Partners provide best in class case conveyors, spiral conveyors, pallet conveyors, chain driven live roller conveyors, automated lifts, continuous lifts, reciprocating lifts, high speed merges, diverts, accumulators, packaging conveyor, MDR conveyor, chain conveyor, transportation conveyor, accumulating conveyor, spurs, conveyor curves, roller conveyor and belt conveyor.

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