Work Platforms and Access Ladders

Often, workpieces and access points are outside of the comfortable ergonomic range of the operator. Without correction, over extension of the operators reach can lead to injury, either short term or long term.

If the workpiece or access point cannot be moved closer to the operator, then work platforms or access ladders may be the solution to move the operator closer to the work. The photos above show several custom designed ladders and platforms constructed specifically for the unique needs of the customer.

Additionally, personnel pathways are often obstructed by process machinery, piping, or conveyors. Time can be saved by providing crossovers consisting of stairs and elevated walkways to allow shorter routes for personnel. Crossovers can also be used to provide access to areas isolated by equipment.

We also provide expertise in code compliance for ladders and platforms. Railing heights, stair angles, and other design criteria must be considered to ensure OSHA and other codes are met.

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