Our Partners

Hilmot Hilmot concentrates on 24V DC powered conveyor, offering lower operating costs, reduced plant noise, ease of maintenance, all in a flexible designed system. Hilmot offers a full line of 24V DC powered roller conveyor, includng zero pressure accumulation, curves, diverts, merges, gates, spirals, and vertical switches.
Pacline Overhead Conveyor Pacline provides overhead conveyors for a variety of application and industries. A few applications include: empty carton conveying, painting/finishing systems, parts accumulation, manufacturing power and free systems, etc. Pacline is a full service overhead conveyor company, providing design, manufacturing, and installation services.
ROI Machinery ROI Machinery provides End Effectors for both Manual and Robotic manipulation applications. In addition, ROI provides accessories for robotic systems, including layer handling products, specialty conveyor, load transfer equipment and other custom designed devices.
Automated Conveying Systems Automated Conveying Systems Inc. specializes in container and pallet handling systems for manufacturing.  ACS can provide transfer cars, shuttle cars, specialty turntables, custom designed pallet lifts, vertical stackers, and stainless steel fabrications.  In addition, ACS provides expertise with Lean Manufacturing concepts, including dollies, and cart based ergonomic workstations.
Wrabacon Wrabacon designs and manufactures specialty conveyor products and systems. Wrabacon's capabilities include incline conveyors, mergers, diverters, table top conveyors, stainless steel conveyors, vertical accumulators, bi-flow accumulators, rotary tables, pick and place systems, case packers, tray stackers, tray denesters, lidders, as well as complete product handling conveyor systems. Wrabacon specializes in food and pharmaceutical applications.
S.I.T. Indeva S.I.T. Indeva is part of the Scaglia Group of companies, established in 1828. S.I.T. Indeva has been designing and manufacturing balancers and manipulators under the Liftronic brand name since the 1970's and is a leader in Intelligent Assist Devices. The Liftronic balancers anticipate the operators movements providing "zero gravity" lifting and near effortless operation.
S.I.T. Indeva manufactures both electronic and pneumatic balancers and manipulators, including our Liftronic Easy, Liftronic Universal, and the PN series of balancers for material handling and lifting requirements.
Lifttronic is a registered trademark of the Scaglia Group.
LiftTrac LiftTrac designs and manufactures Ergonomic Lifts for repetitive lifting tasks. The LiftTrac Ergonomic Lifts are lightweight, easily moveable with battery operated vertical lift mechanisms with interchangeable end effectors for a variety of lifting tasks. Our LiftTrac Ergonomic Lifts feature quick change battery packs offering zero down time. LiftTrac systems are designed to be customized for our customer’s specific repetitive lifting applications.
Wipotec-OCS Wipotec-OCS provides high speed check weighing systems. Typically integrated in to conveyor systems, Wipotec check weighers are used to confirm order accuracy in warehouses, manufactured weights for food and pharma, and process checks for other manufacturing applications. Wipotec-OCS check weighers are also used for freight evaluations.
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