Scissor Lifts, Tilters, Turntables, Upenders, Loading Docks

Industrial lifts, tilters, lift tables, and turntables are used to move materials vertically, or for ergonomic positioning. Applications vary greatly from ergonomic lifting for manual palletizing, to automated lifts for conveying operations.

Scissor lifts can be used to move material from floor to mezzanine level. When used with a turntable, a scissor lift table can be an ergonomic device for manual palletizing applications. Additionally, scissor lifts can be used as work positioners by allowing the operator to position a workpiece at an easy to access height.

Tilters are used to ease unloading containers and crates by tilting the open top toward the operator. A tilter can also be used to upend objects by tilting 90 degrees.

Both tilters and scissor lift tables can be used in an automated system by integrating controls and sensors. Applications include conveying, woodworking, machining, and manufacturing applications.

Contact us with your requirements for lifting, tilting, and rotating. We will be happy assist you to select the appropriate equipment for your application.

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